Elizabeth Hurley Is Hoping for a Royal Wedding for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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Prince Harry Introduced Meghan Markle to Prince William
Prince Harry introduced his girlfriend to Prince William during her visit to London

Elizabeth Hurley is not the queen, but she plays one on TV. The star of E!’s hit series The Royals shared her thoughts withE! News on the real-life royal romance between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The actress, who plays Queen Helena on the series about a fictional British royal family, says that while she’s never met Prince Harry, she did meet Markle at an NBC event.

“I thought she was the nicest girl. And personally, I’m rooting for a royal wedding. I think it would be fabulous. I’d be fully supportive of it,” Hurley said.

The actress had nothing but nice words for Markle and thinks that adding her to the royal family would be a “breath of fresh air.”

“She’s the star of one of the hottest shows on television,” Hurley said. “She’s got legions of fans and she seems in a fantastic position in her career. Her personal life now, she looks very happy, I wish her all the best.”

Hurley isn’t the only one. E! News reports that Markle has already met Prince Charles and that, according to their source, “Everyone is thrilled for Harry and totally supports him.”

Maybe Hurly won’t have to wait too long to see a “fabulous” royal wedding.