Ricky Martin Says His Wedding to Fiancé Jwan Yosef Will Be a ‘Loud’ One

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ricky martin
CREDIT: Instagram/Jwan Yosef

Ricky Martin opened up about his wedding plans to fiancé Jwan Yosef in an interview with Mario Lopez.

The singer, who announced his engagement to his boyfriend on Ellen this week, told Extra the proposal was spontaneous. He also revealed that although they haven’t started planning the wedding just yet, he’s confident that it will happen eventually. “It’s gonna happen and it’s gonna be good,” Martin revealed.

Martin said that he and Yosef are not sure if they will have a big wedding or a small one. One thing is for certain, though: the ceremony will be a loud one. “Everybody says the same thing. ‘What, are you kidding me? It’s your first one. Give me a break. Just go for it. Loud. Big salsa orchestra,'” he said, before adding that he’ll probably perform at his own wedding.

For now, the only thing Martin is thinking about is Thanksgiving holidays. “My fiancé’s family is traveling to Puerto Rico, so it’s gonna be very beautiful holidays.”