Here’s How Ashton Kutcher Dealt with a Protester Who Interrupted His Speech

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Ashton Kutcher defended Airbnb after a protester stormed stage at a Los Angeles event over the weekend.

After a woman stormed the stage during his speech, the Jobs star handled the situation like a true professional. Ariel Gold, holding a sign which read “Airbnb out of settlements,” urged Kutcher to “use his power and influence” to pressure Airbnb to remove their listings in Israeli settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem.

After walking her off the stage, the actor offered a message of hope and defended the company. “[A world] doesn’t discriminate against one another,” he said. “We can get to know each other intimately and understand our collective narrative is a narrative for everyone, and that we all can belong in a world together without borders.”

“I can appreciate that this doesn’t happen easily. I can appreciate that where there is change, there will be a fringe case that feels objectified, but this company is about bringing people together, and about loving one another,” Kutcher continued.

“You’re welcome to a world where we all belong. And if you want to sit down and have a conversation about it, I’m happy to have that conversation with you,” he told the crowd.

Other celebrities at the 3rd annual Airbnb Open Spotlight event included Emma Roberts, Cody Simpson, Jamie Foxx, Julianne Hough, and more.