So Spoiled: This Actor Just Revealed He’ll Be Returning for Season 2 of ‘Westworld’ 

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‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival: Luke Was Originally a Woman
It’s hard to imagine Gilmore Girls without the sparkling romance...

Stop what you’re doing! There’s a ton of new television on the horizon and we’ve got all latest details! We found exciting breaking news on Gilmore Girls, Vampire Diaries, Supergirl and more!

You might’ve heard that HBO’s hit show Westworld has been renewed for a second season. But have you head that The Man in Black is returning?! That’s right, Ed Harris spilled the beans over the weekend. Does this mean it’s going be a while before we see Arnold’s supposed maze? [BBC Radio 4]

Curious when and how Kara is going to discover that James is Guardian on Supergirl?

“It’s a little bit like when Chandler and Monica started dating [on Friends], every episode somebody else found out and they had a surprising reaction,” EP Andrew Kreisberg said. “Not everybody is going to find out at once. Some people are going to be supportive; who’s supportive is going to be surprising. Some people are going to be incredibly unsupportive thinking James and Winn have lost their minds; their identities will be interesting.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Sadly, Edward Herrmann died before he could appear in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life as Richard, the Gilmore family’s patriarch. But according to his former co-star Kelly Bishop, who plays Emily, Richard’s “presence” is going to be hard to miss on the revival… [TV Line]

Dying to know how the final season of Vampire Diaries is going to play out?

“The big question of the season is: How do our characters fit in this world?” showrunner Julie Plec said. “Are they all doomed? Is there a chance for redemption? Can you earn your way back out of a one-way ticket to Hell? And even characters that have been heroes, are they already marked? If so, what the hell are they going to do about it?” [Entertainment Weekly]