Twitter Suspends Tila Tequila’s Account Following Her String of Neo-Nazi Tweets

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CREDIT: Twitter

Tila Tequila‘s Twitter account was suspended after her latest string of Neo-Nazi tweets violated Twitter’s new anti-hate speech rules.  

The reality TV star, who rose to fame on Myspace and on her subsequent show, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, has gone back and forth between identifying as a Neo-Nazi over the last few years. It began back in 2013 after the social media star penned a post titled, “Why I Sympathize With Hitler: Part 1,” explaining her feelings about Adolf Hitler accompanied by a doctored photo of herself standing in front of Auschwitz, wearing a Nazi armband. The post and photo reemerged last year after Tila was added to the cast of the UK show Celebrity Big Brother, which caused her to get kicked off the show after just a few days in the house. Tila quickly apologized, calling the post a “terrible mistake,” but a year later, it’s clear that she’s had a change of heart.

Tila has consistently tweeted Neo-Nazi sentiments over the past year and has even gone as far as to describe herself as the “Alt-Reich queen. Literally Hitler” in her Twitter bio.


On Monday (Nov. 21, 2016), Tila posted a photo on Twitter in which she and two unnamed men performed a Nazi salute, captioning the photo “Seig [sic] heil!” The photo was taken at an Italian restaurant in D.C. after Tila attended a conference of “alt-right” white nationalists.

Despite her ties to the white supremacist movement, Tila, who was born Tila Nguyen in Singapore, seems to recognize that she’s the odd man out of sorts at these “alt-right” events, telling The Daily Beast, “I think that’s why I’m also invited here because I bring a little bit more diversity to the movement.”