‘Gilmore Girls’ Star Yanic Truesdale Talks Exploring Michele’s Personal Life and the Revivals Surprise Ending

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The day has finally arrived! After months, no years of waiting, Gilmore Girls is back and we’re finally getting a chance to see what all of our favorite characters from Stars Hallow have been up to.

While the revival will mainly focus on what the actual Gilmore girls have been up to, for the first time ever, we’re finally getting a peek into the personal life of everyone’s favorite French concierge, Michele. Celebuzz talked with Yanic Truesdale, who plays Michele to find out what it was like to revisit the beloved character all these years later and what we can expect from the highly anticipated Netflix revival.

Celebuzz: When did you get that call that they were interested in bringing Gilmore Girls back?

Yanic Truesdale: Early December of last year [2015]. We got a call saying the show was coming back and that we would get an official call after the holidays.

CB: Were you excited to reprise your role?

Yanic: Yea because you know, the show has such a big hit and had such a big place in people’s hearts and the fans have watched the show over and over and over again. So for us to have the ability to give them new episodes and catch up with those characters and where they’re at eight years later is great.

CB: What was it like when you finally got on set and reunited with the entire cast after all of these years.

Yanic: It was really an electric first table read. I think everyone was really excited and nervous as they were trying to familiarize themselves with their characters. And it was really nice. This was such an important show for many of us and it was such a special time for us when we did the show, so to see each other again, it really felt almost like a high school reunion.

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CB: What was it like stepping back into Michele’s shoes?

Yanic: I mean it took me like a minute, really. Because you give me those words and you put me in a suit and you put me at the inn, but Michele’s voice is so specific. I lived him for seven years when we did the show so I’ve learned over the years that when you do a part for a long time, they’re all inside you somewhere. I started my career doing the Birdcage, I was 19 years old and 20 years later, I almost did it again on Broadway and when I first did the scene everything I did on the show came back, 20 years later. The body remembers, it’s very strange.

CB: How similar or different are you and Michele?

Yanic: We have the sarcasm and the poker face dry humor in common, otherwise I’m a much more chill guy then Michele. Michele is very uptight about things and things have to be his way, I’m much more relaxed.

CB: What was it like to finally explore Michele’s personal life?

Yanic: Gratifying! Because I’ve always wanted to discover more and share more about him so, to have Amy [Sherman-Palladino] to go there and show more about what is going on with him, who he is and to be more specific about the character, was very gratifying for me and I think it will be for the fans as well because it will finally answer some questions.

CB: What do you think will surprise fans most about this upcoming revival?

Yanic: Perhaps the ending will surprise them. It surprised me. I mean, it makes sense, but it was surprising.

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CB: Is there anything you didn’t have a chance to explore with Michele that you wish you did?

Yanic: Michele is really at a crossroads, like many of the characters, so you catch him at a time where he has to make a big decision about his life. So I think there’s much more to be revealed depending on which decision he makes with his life so I would have been curious to go further with what’s going to happen with him but it’s just four episodes, so it’s left to the imagination.

CB: If it were up to you, whom would Rory end up with: Jess, Dean, or Logan?

Yanic: Well my answer is never popular because I guess people didn’t like him that much, but for me, it would be Dean. I thought he was a nice guy, even though he screwed up in the relationship, I still thought he was good for her and kind and just a good hearted kid.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life begins streaming on Netflix on Friday, Nov. 25, 2016.