WATCH: Dwayne Johnson and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘Millennials: The Musical’ 

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Dwayne Johnson and Lin-Manuel Miranda Are (Kinda) Making a Musical Together
In case you aren’t keeping score, Dwayne Johnson is having a super duper...

Who knows how this little project got started but it’s fair to say they took it and ran with it! Dwayne Johnson provides the vocals for Disney’s new animated film Moana while Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote some of the film’s songs and it turns out a beautiful friendship took root along the way. This bromance has already yielded a new ambitious side project: Millennials: The Musical.

Now, although neither half of this dynamic duo perform in this trendy bit of theater, they clearly had a lot to do with it. Why? Because, like everything these two tackle, it’s a fully realized project, complete with numerous sets and dance numbers. The nearly fifteen-minute production is chock full of social-media obsessed, smoothie drinking, yoga-pose-referencing young folks dressed to impress while belting out catchy numbers.

The story follows a Millennial named Crystal who takes her out-of-touch neighbor Jack on a series of misadventures about a trendy Brooklyn-esque landscape featuring songs drenched in satire.

At the end of the clip, Johnson and Miranda seriously consider yet another muse that might be worthy of their musical machinations: Chipotle.

Check out the ridiculousness in its entirety above.