WATCH: Kristen Stewart Swerves Through Post-Apocalptic L.A. in New Rolling Stones Music Video

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Imagine a deserted, post-apocalyptic city of Los Angeles. Now, imagine Kristen Stewart doing whatever the hell she wants with her blue Mustang GT in that deserted, post-apocalyptic city of Los Angeles.

This is the premise of the new music video for the Rolling Stones‘ cover of Eddie Taylor‘s “Ride ‘Em on Down” from Blue & Lonesome, their just-released album dedicated to blues covers. In the video, directed by Francois Rousselet, Stewart speeds through the city sucking on a matching blue lollipop (dangerous!), encountering a burning car and a stray zebra along the away. Her joyride is halted when another flannel-clad survivor pulls her over in his cop car. When he asks where Stewart got gas for her car, she replies, “My butt.”

“You should probably get out of here,” she concludes. And you should probably, too, so go on and watch the music video, which was filmed in three days in London, at the top of the page. Stream the Rolling Stones’ first LP in over a decade in the Spotify player below. Blue & Lonesome is now available for purchase on iTunes via Universal International Music B.V.