WATCH: Leah Remini Defends Jennifer Lopez’s Kiss with Marc Anthony, Chats with 50 Cent About Anilingus

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Leah Remini says that Jennifer Lopez‘s on-stage kiss with her ex-husband Marc Anthony at the Latin Grammys does not indicate that they are getting back together anytime soon.

On Thursday’s Watch What Happens LiveRemini insisted that the kiss had absolutely nothing to do with Anthony’s recent split from his wife Shannon De Lima. “Marc’s separation had happened already clearly way before that,” said Remini. “I thought it was an innocent kiss between two parents and two friends.”

Remini, a longtime friend of Lopez, said that she loves seeing them on stage together. “I love that they still perform,” she added.

From there, the conversation took an unforeseen turn to the topic of anilingus with 50 CentWWHL‘s other guest of the evening, when Andy Cohen brought up the time that his ex, Vivica Fox, insinuated that he might be gay on Cohen’s show. “I said, ‘Oh no. ’Cause I let her lick my ass, she thinks I’m gay,” 50 Cent recalled.

“That’s the problem. You let someone lick your ass and look what happened,” Remini said to the rapper.

When Cohen asked Remini what she would do if someone asked her to lick their ass, Remini responded, “First of all, I would just say, ‘I don’t do that. There’s no reason for me to lick your ass.’ I don’t like any ass nothing.”

Watch the debate in the video at the top of the page.