Kanye West’s Breakdown May Have Been Caused By Prescription Drug Use

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The 911 Call That Led to Kanye West's Hospitalization Was Released
It's shining a light on the performer’s state of mind.

Kanye West‘s recent breakdown may have been the result of taking the wrong dosage of medication.

According to TMZ, the “Famous” rapper has been taking prescription drugs to help him deal with his psychological issues for quite some time. However, he allegedly stopped taking his meds which ultimately led to his hospitalization.

It’s unclear whether West flat-out stopped taking the pills or if he decided to take different amounts, but the stress he suffered after Kim Kardashian‘s Paris robbery may have contributed to his decision to alter his usual intake.

“He’s been shaken up ever since the robbery in Paris,” an insider told Us Weekly. “It did a number on him as much as Kim. The mere thought that anything could happen to her sent him in a tailspin. He wasn’t sleeping and he was having nightmares about it.”

TMZ also reports that doctors were able to properly medicate him during his 8-day stint at the hospital, which his why he is much more stable now. But that doesn’t mean he’s 100% himself, though. As previously reported, West is current living apart from his wife and children in order to continue receiving outpatient treatment.