Report: Michael Bublé’s Son Will Undergo Surgery to Treat Cancer 

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Michael Bublé's Son Will Undergo Surgery for Liver Cancer
CREDIT: Michael Bublé/Instagram
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Later this month, Michael Bublé‘s three-year-old son Noah is reportedly going to undergo surgery to battle liver cancer, according to the Argentinian magazine Gente.

News of the procedure comes not long after it was reported that Noah is currently undergoing chemotherapy, which will continue for four months.

The family first discovered that Noah was facing cancer after a biopsy on Nov. 1. They shared the news with friends and followers three days later in which they stated that it will be a “long journey” to getting Noah well again.

Cancer is a horrible disease, but we have faith that Noah will succeed. We know,” Daniela Lopilato, Bublé’s sister-in-law, who confirmed the cancer diagnosis, told Gente magazine in November. “It was time to begin treatment. Will be long and hard, but you have to go. They say that children are usually strong to withstand chemotherapy … and my nephew is a warrior.”