WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Insult Each Other with NSFW Barbs

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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are both known for being hilarious and having absolutely no filter; so the guys over at BBC 1 Radio decided to put their best qualities to the test.

For the latest installment of Playground Insults, the Passengers costars sat across from each other and exchanged the rudest and filthiest insults they could think of until their opponent surrendered in defeat. Lawrence, holding back laughter, got things started saying, “You are so falsely strong, that if I was given a choice of your or your wife to protect me, I would choose Anna [Faris].”

“Why did they call it Joy,” Pratt replied simply, referring to Lawrence’s 2015 Oscar nominated film. Even though both Lawrence and Pratt were supposed to keep straight faces, Lawrence dissolved into a fit of giggles before giving her retort, “I loved you in Everwood. Said no one ever.

The duo exchanged a few more insults about each other’s career, intelligence and talents before Pratt delivered the final, very graphic blow. “During our sex scene, I felt your dick rubbing into me,” he told Lawrence with a straight face.

Launch the video up top to watch the entire hilarious segment.