Here’s Miley Cyrus’ ‘Best Advice Ever’ for Her Younger Sis Noah Cyrus 

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2016 American Music Awards
CREDIT: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Last month, Noah Cyrus dropped her first single “Make Me (Cry)” featuring Labyrinth and with 18 million views on YouTube so far, it’s safe to say Miley Cyrus’ younger sis has a legitimate singing career on her hands!

Of course, Noah has some serious advantages when taking her first fledgling steps into the music industry, namely a family of experts! So when Noah decided to share her musical aspirations with the world, her older, world-famous sibling had some words of wisdom for her.

“Miley always says, ‘Don’t ever look yourself up or read your comments, ’cause you’re gonna see stuff that you don’t want to see,'” she told Rolling Stone in a recent interview. “That’s the best advice ever. If it’s making me happy, then it’s working.”

Although her family has encouraged her to have thick skin when it comes to the industry, Noah says that her family is totally behind her decision to try her hand as a pop singer.

“My dad has learned all of the songs that I’ve sent him,” she shared. “He put it on his computer, on his jukebox, on his phone. He still has a Blackberry, by the way. But everybody’s been so supportive.”