Jodie Foster’s Wife Seeks Restraining Order Against Obsessed Stalker 

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Jodie Foster is once again seeking protection from a fan who is crossing boundaries. Her career is often associated with one of U.S. history’s most notorious cases of fan obsession involving John Hinckley Jr. who, after attempting to assassinatePresident Ronald Reagan in 1981, claimed he did it as a “love offering” for the actress. Now Foster and her loved ones are taking legal action against a new threat.

TMZ reports:

Her spouse, Alexandra Hedison, got a restraining order against Celine Martelleur … who’s popped up at Alex and Jodie’s Bev Hills home, and also in Toronto when Jodie was filming there.

Alexandra says Martelleur has repeatedly professed love for Jodie — mostly in creepy emails, one of which said, “I am still in Toronto until next month. I am around avoiding cops. Jodie is in my thoughts every minute.”

Hopefully, the restraining order will put an end to these disturbing incidents.

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