Lena Dunham: I ‘Haven’t Had an Abortion, But I Wish I Had’

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Despite having never had an abortion, Lena Dunham wishes she had.

In a new episode of her podcast, Women of the Hour, the Girls creator expressed that she wished she had gone through the procedure so she could fight the “stigma around this issue.” Recalling a visit to a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas, Dunham said she started thinking this way after she was asked by a young woman to share her abortion story — something that the actress admittedly has never experienced.

“I sort of jumped,” she remembered. “‘I haven’t had an abortion,’ I told her. I wanted to make it really clear to her that as much as I was going out and fighting for other women’s options, I myself had never had an abortion. And I realized then that even I was carrying within myself the stigma around the issue.”

“Even I, the woman who cares as much as anybody about a woman’s right to choose, felt it was important that people know I was unblemished in this department,” she continued. “Now I can say that I still haven’t had an abortion, but I wish I had.”

After the comment was made, many people took to Twitter to express their outrage.

Earlier this year, many Twitter users dragged Dunham claiming that Odell Beckham Jr. didn’t want to speak to her at the Met Gala because she was “not the shape of a woman by his standards.” After many people pointed out that she may have been projecting her own insecurities on the athlete, Dunham apologized for running wild with her accusations and alleging that Beckham was a misogynist.

“I don’t know a lot of things,” she wrote in her mea culpa. “I shouldn’t have acted like I did.”

Oh, Lena. If you only knew.