Of Course Mariah Carey Is Staying at this $22 Million Airbnb in Aspen for Christmas

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Now you can envision Mariah Carey‘s mythical Christmas retreats in Aspen with help from these photos of her $22 million crash pad, which she’s staying at courtesy of Airbnb.

Carey will be spending her favorite holiday in the Aspen Highlands Thunderbowl Estate that boasts five spacious bedrooms, en suite bathrooms and a chef designed for a kitchen, though who needs a kitchen when your assistant can feed you caviar straight out of the jar? The new mountain contemporary estate is also equipped with a hot tub, a wood burning fireplace, and ski access. Ritz Carlton Amenities are included if you’re into that kind of thing.

CREDIT: Airbnb

Carey’s guests will enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding land, ski access on Aspen Highland Mountain and a Mud Room. And yes. Wi-Fi and shampoo are included in the rental price.

CREDIT: Airbnb

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