Richard Marx Insists He’s No ‘Big Hero’ Following Violent Airplane Incident

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richard marx daisy feuntes
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Richard Marx spoke out after he and wife Daisy Fuentes‘ scary airplane incident.

The couple, who were aboard a Korean Air flight when Marx stepped in to restrain a man who was attacking fellow passengers and the crew, are safe and sound. However, according to the ’80s heartthrob, his actions were not heroic.

“Daisy and I are home safe and sound, No big ‘hero’ move at all,” he wrote on Twitter. “Just did what I would hope anyone would do in same situation. Tnx 4 concern.”

On Facebook, the singer went into more detail about the violent incident. “My wife and I are safe but one crew member and two passengers were injured. The all-female crew was clueless and not trained as to how to restrain this psycho and he was only initially subdued when I and a couple other male passengers intervened,” Marx explained.

Sounds pretty heroic to us.