30 Accessories You Should Add To Your New Year’s Eve Outfit

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Accessorize your way into the new year with these items below!

If you would rather participate in the glitz and glamour that comes with celebrating New Year’s Eve through your accessories rather than your clothes, here are some options for you. Accessories are great additions to your outfit when your outfit is simple and plain. Jewelry, scarves, bags and more are the extra pieces that will help your outfit be ready for any New Year’s Eve celebration.


The first thing you think of when you hear “sparkle” is most likely jewelry related. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets are a quick and easy way to add sparkle to your outfit and dress it up at the same time. The color or kind of jewelry depends on your outfit and personal taste but, if it sparkles or shines, it will fit right in. Check out the seven pieces of jewelry below.


Your bag is another way to make a statement. There are so many different bags that will fit whatever look you are trying to achieve. The best kind of bag to take along with you for a New Year’s Eve celebration is a bag that is small. When you are partying you do not want to be lugging around a big heavy bag everywhere you go. Take a look at these six small bags and clutches that make a big statement.


Shoes might be the best and most important accessory ever. They are so versatile and essential to making or breaking an outfit. Shoes that have a bit of height to them like heels or heeled boots, tend to look more dressy and are perfect for New Year’s Eve outfits. However, if your ankles and feet can’t tolerate heels, there are some flat shoes that are just as glamourous. Consider the six options below.


Scarves are an underrated accessory. They give you a significant amount of extra warmth and usually make your outfit look like you put more effort into it than you actually did. Scarves can even be dressy. There are fur (and faux fur) scarves on the market and nothing says luxury louder than fur. More scarf options to consider are the small scarves you can tie around your neck for an old romantic look. A huge chunky scarf is appropriate around the holidays as well. If you don’t want to be extremely dressy it is always acceptable to be extremely cozy. All of these scarves can make the simple outfits look a million times better. You can bring in the new year luxuriously with the addition of these eleven scarves, check them out.

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