Jim Carrey Calls STD Claims ‘Irrelevant’ in Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed by Cathriona White’s Mother

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Jim Carrey Supports Late Girlfriend's Grieving Family
The family of Cathriona White just suffered a terrible tragedy.

Jim Carrey fired back at Cathriona White‘s mom over the wrongful death lawsuit against him.

The actor asked the court to strike all allegations and mention of him suffering from multiple STDs because it has nothing to do with his late ex-girlfriend’s death.

Brigid Sweetman believes he is at fault for her daughter’s suicide, and claims that White became depressed after he gave her three sexually transmitted diseases before breaking up with her. However, Carrey said the STD claim is “irrelevant” because the alleged transmission was two years before the suicide.

In new legal documents filed on Monday (Dec. 19, 2016), Carrey’s lawyer calls the lawsuit a “shameful shakedown for money driven solely by the greed of Sweetman,” and claims that she is seeking to profit from the death of her “long-estranged” daughter.

Carrey, 54, also raised the fact that in two of her suicide notes, the make-up artist spoke fondly of him with no mention of her mother being made. White, 30, was found dead in her home on in September 2015, due to a drug overdose. Her death was later ruled as a suicide.