Jennifer Lawrence Refuses to Take Selfies with Fans Because She’s Actually ‘Really Rude’

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jennifer lawrence
CREDIT: Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence has stopped taking photos with fans simply because — as she puts it — she’s “becoming really rude” these days.

Though she still poses for photographers during red carpet events and A-list parties, the Passengers star puts her foot down when people try to sneak pictures of her out and about just living her own life.

“I have just started becoming really rude and drawn into myself,” she recently admitted to the Daily Telegraph, adding that annoys her when strangers think they know her. “I think that people think that we already are friends because I am famous and they feel like they already know me — but I don’t know them.”

“I have to protect my bubble, like, ‘I have a weird job — don’t let this be a reality,” she explained.

Maybe that’s why Chris Pratt keeps cropping her out of all his photos.