George Michael Always Thought He’d Die Young, Says Former Manager

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George Michael might have predicted his own death.

According to the late music icon’s former manager, the Wham! singer always believed he would die at a young age.

“He was obsessed with saying, ‘I know I’m going to die young,'” Rob Kahane, who managed Michael at the height of his solo music career, told Billboard. “He’d say, ‘It’s OK. I’ve had a great life.'”

Admitting that Michael was a “very difficult person to manage” because of “his belief system,” Kahane added that his client was clinically depressed when they worked together. He claimed Michael spiraled into a deep depression when he lost his partner of two years, Anselmo Feleppa, to an AIDS-related brain hemorrhage.

At the time, Michael was also facing a million-dollar lawsuit with Sony.

CREDIT: Billboard

“When he lost Anselmo, I thought he was going to do something bad to himself. I had people stay with him,” Kahane remembered. Michael’s mother reportedly told him she had terminal cancer soon after the ordeal.

Just weeks before Michael was found dead in his bed by his current boyfriend, Kahane reached out to the 53-year-old, who had just finished an 18-month stint in a Swiss rehab facility. At the time, Kahane thought Michael was doing okay.

“I called him, and he said, ‘I’m good.’ He sounded fine,” says Kahane, adding that they made plans to have lunch in January after years of not talking. He also said Michael played some of his new music for him. “The songs weren’t depressing. That’s why I thought everything was OK with him.”

As previously reported, Michael passed away on Christmas Day in his Oxfordshire home. Though his cause of death remains inconclusive, Michael’s manager, Michael Lippman, claimed that the musician died from a heart failure.