Justin Bieber’s Dog Is Sick, So He Gave Him Away to Someone Else

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Justin Bieber Plans to Adopt Another Monkey
Because abandoning one pet isn't good enough...

Justin Bieber is already over his new dog.

Just less than six months after adopting a 7-month-old Chow Chow named Todd into his family, the “Sorry” singer has palmed off his pet to backup dancer C.J. Salvador. According to TMZ, Bieber decided to abandon the pooch, who is currently in need of surgery, due to his work schedule.

In a GoFundMe page set up for Todd’s medical care, Salvador says the young canine was recently diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia, a condition that will physically disable the pup’s ability to walk before the age of 1. The mutt must undergo ““very specialized surgery” or be put down if he’s not treated.

Though many fans — including Jaden Smith — have contributed funds for Todd’s $8,000 surgery, Bieber’s wallet has remained shut during this ordeal. Salvador says he did not go directly to Bieber for money because “he has nothing to do with the situation” and the defect was discovered after Todd was given away.

As you may recall, Bieber infamously abandoned his monkey Mally in Germany after he failed to produce proper documentations for the exotic animal to custom officials. The small primate was eventually given to a local zoo when the 22-year-old did not attempt to retrieve his pet.

In the past, Bieber also auctioned off his pet snake and gave away his hamster, who died just months after ownership was transferred.