5 Photos of Joe Jonas in His Boxers to Get You Through the Rest of Your Day

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Joe Jonas is oiled up like a glazed carrot in his campaign with Baywatch‘s Charlotte McKinney for Guess underwear.

Jonas and McKinney pose in Guess undergarments that have the brand’s ’90s logo embroidered on their bands. “It feels great to be chosen by Paul Marciano as the male global ambassador for the new Guess Underwear campaign with a focus on the Guess man,” Jonas said in a statement. “I am excited to be part of this amazing experience and to be able to represent the brand’s image.”

In the short series of photos that were taken by Yu Tsai, Jonas shows off his body in a handful of ways…

By gently leaning to the left:

CREDIT: Yu Tsai for Guess

By courteously holding up the cuff of McKinney’s jeans:

CREDIT: Yu Tsai for Guess

By leaning to the left, again, but kneeling this time:

CREDIT: Yu Tsai for Guess

By lying down to the left and cradling a (hopefully) unplugged fan:

CREDIT: Yu Tsai for Guess

And by doing this half-baked yoga pose, favoring his left side once again.

CREDIT: Yu Tsai for Guess

McKinney got close with Jonas in DNCE‘s music video for “Body Moves.” Check it out in the video below.