15 Moments from ‘A Walk to Remember’ That Are Back to Destroy You on Its 15th Anniversary

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Today marks the 15th anniversary of the premiere of A Walk to Remember, the film based on a Nicholas Sparks novel starring Mandy Moore and Shane West that ripped your emotions out of your chest and pulverized them into baby food.

To refresh your memory, the 2002 coming-of-age drama told the story of Landon Carter (West), a rebellious teen who faces expulsion due to an incident involving underage drinking unless he tutors other students and participates in the school play. Jamie Sullivan (Moore) is the minister’s daughter that he’s known since high school but never got to know because she wears cardigans and values her education. Jamie, who is also in the play, agrees to help Landon with his role if he promises not to fall in love with her, but this is a Nicholas Sparks narrative so the “unfavorable” happens.

Landon inevitably falls head over heels for her during their rehearsals, so much so that he gives her an impromptu kiss during the opening night of the show after her solo number. They want to date, but they can’t because the minister won’t allow it. Landon works his way around this obstacle by telling Jamie’s father that he’s on the good road to redemption and their romance begins. The devastating problem presents itself a few dates him when Jamie reveals that she has leukemia and that she isn’t responding to treatment. Their connection builds as Jamie weakens from her illness, creating the storyline for Moore’s role that foreshadowed her ability to move you and shake you beyond repair long before This Is Us was a twinkle in Dan Fogelman‘s eye.

Thus, in honor of the film’s 15th anniversary, let’s hold each other close and take a stroll through the most emotionally devastating moments in the film.

1. The Performance of “Only Hope” That Gets the Ball Rolling

“Sing to me the song of the stars…”

2. The Part When the Popular A-Holes Play a Prank on Jamie with the Most Godawful Photoshop Job of All Time

3. When Landon Vocalizes His True Feelings for Jamie Over Her Perfect Cafeteria Lunch

This entire Bucket List sequence in which…

4. Landon Helps Jamie Stand in Two Places at Once


5. Landon Gives Jamies a Temporary Tattoo Set to a Mandy Moore Song


6. Jamie Delivers the “It’s Like The Wind: I Can’t See It, But I Can Feel It” Line


7. Landon Tells Her He Loves Her After Jamie Tells Him That She Might Be Bad at Kissing

8. When We Find Out Jamie Has Leukemia and Everything Is Ruined

9. When Landon Asks Jamie if Shes’s Scared of Dying

“Scared to death.

10. When Landon Names a Star After Jamie

11. When We Find Out Landon’s Brother Is Paying for Jamie’s Private Homecare and They Engage in a Sobbing Man Embrace

12. Landon’s Proposal (Set to Switchfoot) and Their Immediate Wedding

13. When Jamie and Landon Recite the “Love Is Patient” Corinthians Verse Together in Her Hospital Bed

14. When Landon Learns that Jamie *Did* Get Her Miracle Before She Died After All

15. That Damn Monologue About the Wind at the End I’M NOT CRYING I JUST HAVE TO GO TO A THING


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