This Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump’s Inauguration Is Everything

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Melania Trump's Sad Face Is the Meme We Didn't Know We Needed
Apparently, Michelle Obama's side-eye wasn't the only meme to have come out of President Donald Trump's inauguration.

President Donald Trump‘s inauguration got the “Bad Lip Reading” treatment, and it’s probably the funniest thing to have come out of the ceremony since those Michelle Obamamemes.

The popular YouTube series dubbed over the commander in chief and First Lady Melania Trump’s meeting with Barack and Michelle Obama at the White House — awkward gift exchange included — as well as fictional commentary from politicians like Hillary Clinton and Vice President Mike Pence during the swearing-in ceremony.

Great zingers made up for our current POTUS included:

  • “You can be a funny wiener, can’t you?”
  • “I’m important.”
  • “Quite a figure, quite a figure.”
  • “Help. I’m gonna barf.”
  • “Now I pretend to like you, but I hate you inside.”
  • “I think you’re old like dirt.”
  • “I WIN!”


So basically, it’s stuff that we can also picture him saying in real life.