Beyoncé Is Back to Shake You Again with More Stunning Pregnancy Photos

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Beyoncé would like for you to hold your applause following her big twin reveal because she has a full collage of pregnancy beauty in store and you’re barely ready to witness it.

The singer shared a post called “I Have Three Hearts” on her website after she revealed that she and Jay Z have twins on the way. Included in the photostream of water and nature-inspired portraits, some of which are tastefully nude, are pieces of poetry and home photos of Beyoncé’s pregnancy with Blue Ivy. One poem reads, “mother is a cocoon where cells spark, limbs form, mother swells and stretches to protect her child, mother has one foot in this world and one foot in the next, mother, black venus.”


Blue makes an appearance in some of the photos with her mother, kissing her pregnant stomach while holding a small bunch of flowers.


Beyoncé added a photo of her mother Tina when she was pregnant with Beyoncé in 1981.


The photoshoot was allegedly styled by Marni Senofonte, who wrote in a post on Instagram, “AndTheAcademyAWARDGoesToME!”

Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement broke Selena Gomez‘s Instagram record for the most likes on a single photo, racking up over 7.8 million likes in 18 hours. It also caused confusion about her status as a headliner at Coachella in April. Festival organizers tell TMZ that they didn’t know that she was pregnant until they saw the news online. A source from Goldenvoice, a subsidiary of Coachella producers AEG Live, said that they are going to “play it close to the vest” until they know more information, though a source close to Beyoncé says that she still plans on performing.

“As one source put it, Coachella is fluid in that Goldenvoice ‘constantly talks to bands,’ so a replacement won’t be difficult if necessary,” reads the report. Clearly this “once source” is not familiar with Beyoncé’s discography.

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