Nicki Minaj’s Home Hit with $200K Robbery

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Nicki Minaj‘s mansion in Los Angeles was robbed of $200K in goods.

According to TMZ, police received a call earlier this week saying that Minaj’s 11,500 square-foot home was found “totally trashed” while she was out of town. It appeared as though the suspect (or suspects) were frantically searching for something as pieces of furniture and assorted items were left knocked over all over the house. The culprits made off with jewelry and other property and there were signs of forced entry all over the house.

Sources close to the robbery say that the job looked like it was fueled by a personal motive. Picture frames, perfume bottles, and furniture were deliberately destroyed. The vandal even cut up Minaj’s clothing.

Police are looking into surveillance video to determine the suspects. As of now, they do not have any leads.