These People Actually Think Donald Trump Nominated Rob Kardashian for the Supreme Court

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Melania Trump's Sad Face Is the Meme We Didn't Know We Needed
Apparently, Michelle Obama's side-eye wasn't the only meme to have come out of President Donald Trump's inauguration.

Given that Kellyanne Conway is now making up non-existent massacres to justify President Donald Trump‘s Muslim ban, we’re not surprise that Americans out there actually believe the commander-in-chief has nominated reality star Rob Kardashian to the Supreme Court.

After Trump nominated conservative judge Neil Gorsuch to take the open spot in the highest court in the country, Jimmy Kimmel sent his staff out to get reactions from those stationed outside his studio. However, instead of telling them about Gorsuch’s nomination, he had his crew inform people that the younger brother of Kim Kardashian was Trump’s pick instead.

The results were pretty telling about the state of our country today. One Trump supporter described the decision as “the first wrong move” the former The Apprentice host has made since entering the Oval Office.

“I think if he’s really gonna do this, he shouldn’t bring somebody that is that famous into this,” she said. “[Kardashian] doesn’t know anything about politics. He doesn’t know anything about nationalism. He doesn’t know anything about what’s going on and, you know, he’s in his bubble.”

Hmm, doesn’t this sound like someone else we know?