Jenelle Evans’ Pregnancy Announcement to Her Family Is Awkward AF

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jenelle evans
CREDIT: Instagram/Jenelle Evans

Way before she gave birth to her third child last month, Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend, David Eason, had to awkwardly deliver the baby news to her family. Though Evans’ kids seemed excited about having a younger sibling, the Teen Mom 2 star’s mother, Barbara, did not take the announcement too well.

PressRoomVIP reports:

The moment is a bit awkward but the couple manages to laugh it off. They reveal to the kids that they are going to have a baby sister. Overall, Jace seems alright with the big news. He does say, with a half-smile on his face, “I do not like sisters. I do not like girls.” Barbara on the other hand, is not so happy. She tells Jenelle, “I wish you’d have told me in person instead of me reading on the internet.”

Watch the cringe-worthy exchange over at PressRoomVIP…