Nina Dobrev and Nikki Reed Aren’t Fighting Over Ian Somerhalder

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CREDIT: Instagram/Nikki Reed
No, Ian Somerhalder Isn't in Love Nina Dobrev
Stop trying to make them get back together.

Unlike The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev isn’t involved in some sort of love triangle with ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder and his wife, Nikki Reed.

The actress put an end to rumors that she’s feuding with Reed once and for all by sharing a selfie with the Twilight alum. With Somerhalder, who she previously dated for three years, also in the Instagram shot, Dobrev wrote, “Can’t believe how time flies. Farewell dinner with team Somereed! So good catching up with these goofballs. All ❤.”

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Reed added on her own account that their reunion was to “end that narrative” of two women fighting over a man. Posting another photo from their dinner together, she wrote on Instagram, “For the last few years we thought addressing any baseless rumors with silence was the best way. Besides, who wants to respond to made up stories about ‘friends backstabbing friends’, ‘cheating exes’, or ‘cast members exiting shows’ on low-brow websites like hollywoodlife that are just perpetuating trends that preceded us. Yuck.”

“I now see that silence was taken as an opportunity to fill in the blanks with even more falsities, and juicer stories, and we, yes WE, believe we have a moral responsibility to young girls to end that narrative, because at the end of all of this, those young girls are the ones who lose,” Reed continued. “So here’s to putting an end to all those fake stories of on set jealousy, betrayal, made-up-friendships lost & women hating women. Because at the end of the day, that’s what this is about: teaching girls that you have to hate other girls only breeds a generation of women who believe you have to hate other women.”

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Though they were still starring on The Vampire Diaries together, Somerhalder and Dobrev ended their relationship in 2013. In 2014, Somerhalder began dating Reed and eventually married the actress a year later.

A month after the wedding, Dobrev announced that she was leaving The Vampire Diaries after six seasons, prompting speculations that she had a falling out with Somerhalder.

“I don’t like any kind of negativity. I try to be good to everyone, whether it’s a love, a friend, an ex,” she said of her relationship with her ex-boyfriend in a 2014 interview with Nylon. “I’ll always try to treat people the way I want to be treated.”