People Are Requesting Money from Sean Spicer After Someone Unearthed His Venmo Account

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Sean Spicer will likely exceed the limit on his mobile data plan this month now that someone discovered that he has a Venmo account.

According to an article from Select All, the newly appointed White House press secretary’s Venmo account was first discovered by the hosts of the “Who Weekly” podcast. With this information, people have been using the money-transferring service to send him money for an array of reasons.


Some people are lending him cash to give Dippin’ Dots a chance, some just want him to be able to buy more gum, but other users are using the opportunity to ask him to finance some things for them. One person requested “$$ for anxiety meds because your boss [Donald Trump] is a lunatic” while another requested $0.21 for the “first of the 1,445 payments for the money I’m owed according to the current wage gap between men and white women.”

Spicer slowly but surely began to deny all of the requests.

It’s been pointed out that this might not actually be Spicer’s account, but there were two telling transactions that were executed before the pranking began: One payment to “Ryan Spicer” and another to “Shannon Spicer.” His brother’s name is Ryan and his sister’s name is Shannon.

There’s a silver lining, though: at least have the budget to buy the extra-large packages of Extra gum from now on.