Chance the Rapper Had the Funniest Reaction to Rosario Dawson Dating Eric Andre

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rosario dawson eric andre dating chance the rapper
CREDIT: Getty Images/Twitter/Eric Andre

Rosario Dawson and Eric Andre are dating, and Chance the Rapper cannot believe it.

After months of speculation, the couple finally confirmed their relationship in a series of tweets on Valentine’s Day. Andre kicked things off by sharing numerous photos of Dawson and gushing about her, prompting the entire internet to swoon over the sweet couple.

Like many of us, Chance had his mind blown by the news and needed to answers. Being friends Dawson, he quickly texted the Lego Batman Movie star to see if it was a prank. (It wasn’t.)

The actress’ boyfriend then responded with a cheeky photo of him kissing his lady, jokingly calling out Chance.

“He tweeted this because I text Rosario asking if it was a joke,” Chance wrote on Twitter alongside several crying emojis.

Dawson later confirmed that she’s dating the Man Seeking Woman actor by calling him her “#Valentine” and “#MyMainMain.” She also shared a story about Chance’s hilarious reaction to the news.

So cute, right?