LISTEN: Sounds Like Selena Gomez Is Better Off Without Her Sloppy Ex in New Song ‘It Ain’t Me’

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The lyrics to Selena Gomez‘s new song suggest that our girl has a lot more time on her hands now that she’s let go of someone who relied on her far too often.

Gomez’s clean new breakup track — a collaboration with the Norwegian producer Kygo — turns proverbial lemons into sweet, sweet lemonade by celebrating her newfound independence. Though she doesn’t mention who she is singing about, Gomez offers clues: they were together when she was 17 and she tells him, “You were staying out all night / And I had enough.” Hm.

“Who’s waking up to drive you home when you’re drunk and all alone?” Gomez sings. “It ain’t me.”

Gomez’s former boyfriend Justin Bieber and her current flame, The Weeknd, have been exchanging subtle heat across the aisle ever since he and Gomez made their relationship public. Bieber mocked The Weeknd’s music while The Weeknd might’ve insulted Bieber’s sex skills on a verse in Nav‘s new song, “Some Way.” Boys will be boys, so let Gomez enjoy her moment and listen to the track below.