Amber Rose Sued by Strip Club

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Amber Rose is in hot water with one of Los Angeles’ most famous strip clubs.

The owners of Ace of Diamonds have launched a lawsuit against the How to Be a Bad Bitch author after she claimed she bought the adult venue during a speech at the All Def Movie Awards this week. While accepting an award, Rose bragged about purchasing the strip club, saying, “Do y’all know Ace of Diamonds? Well, I bought it.”

According to people that actually own the place, Rose was lying about the investment—and they plan to sue for for it.

TMZ reports:

The owners of AoD — SKWS Enterprises — say Amber hasn’t put a dime into ownership of the club. They say her comment is “unequivocally false” and they haven’t sold to anyone.

They’re suing Amber for slander, and looking for more than a million bucks.

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