Farrah Abraham Accused of Animal Abuse at Daughter Sophia’s Birthday Party

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Farrah Abraham just can’t catch a break. Between making false rape claims and accusing celebrities she’s never met of drug abuse, trouble seems to follow her around.

The Teen Mom OG star is facing backlash once again she painted her daughter’s miniature horse, Starburst, for Sophia’s 8th birthday party. Her followers became furious when she shared a photo of the pony covered in neon pink paint.

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The last thing that has Teen Mom fans up in arms is the fact that they dressed Sophia’s pony up for the party—complete with painted on hearts and pink leg warmers. Outraged commenters are calling it animal abuse.

One commenter claimed that they filed a report with officials regarding the above photograph and Farrah’s treatment of Starburst, in general. This is one scandal that might actually get a definite ruling.

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