What’s on Kendall Jenner’s Grocery List Leads Today’s Star Sightings

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Kendall Jenner's Diet Revealed
Find out what Kendall Jenner actually eats.

Contrary to popular belief, models do eat. Case in point: Kendall Jenner.

The 21-year-old, who was spotted touching down in Paris on Monday (Feb. 27, 2017), recently took to her app to share her grocery list. Though the reality star admittedly doesn’t buy a lot of food, her fridge and pantry are always stocked with wholesome ingredients for quick and healthy meals.

“I never buy a ton of anything because I’m hardly ever home, but some essentials I HAVE to have: I love fresh fruit so I can grab it and go; cereal and milk are also musts for a quick breakfast; and, of course, I need to be stocked up on bottled water!” she wrote.

Jenner also confessed to indulging in carbs from time to time, saying, “I love grocery shopping at Gelson’s. I grew up shopping at the one in Calabasas and their bakery, Viktor Benês, is the best.”

Click through the gallery below to see all of Jenner’s favorite food haunts!