The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Photo of Kellyanne Conway

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Kellyanne Conway is in hot water again—this time for doing something our parents have scolded us for ever since we can remember.

The White House staffer became the center of backlash after she was photographed kneeling on a couch—while wearing shoes, no less—in the Oval Office on Monday (Feb. 27, 2017).

In the picture, the 50-year-old has her feet up on the furniture as she browses images on her phone. Other shots from the controversial moment show Conway, clad in a red dress and heels, taking a photos of President Donald Trump and the leaders of historically black universities and colleges while kneeling on the cream-colored sofa.

Needless to say, Conway’s photo quickly became viral, spawning many hilarious memes and reactions. Many even joked about the Bowling Green Massacre, a fake terrorist attack Conway infamously made up and referenced during an interview earlier this year.

Oh, won’t someone think of the upholstery!