Here Are Some Photos of a Topless Kylie Jenner Smoking What Looks to Be Weed

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Does Kylie Jenner actually smoke weed? That’s the question on people’s minds when the 19-year-old shared photos of herself puffing on what many are suspecting to be a joint.

Taken by Sasha Samsonova and posted on the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s Instagram account this Wednesday (March 1, 2017), the black-and-white pictures showed Jenner lounging topless in bed with a rolled cigarette.

Twitter quickly ignited into a frenzy as rumors swirled amongst fans that the makeup maven may be a fan of marijuana. (After all, she doessell lighters in her official Kylie merchandise store.)

Though Jenner has yet to officially comment on the matter, she did insinuate that the smoking photos were no big deal. She casually captioned one of the shots, “on a wednesday with @sashasamsonova.”

See? All in a day’s work for King Kylie.

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