Rob Kardashian Has Become ‘Very Unhealthy’ Following Blac Chyna Split

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Kardashians Are ‘Staging an Intervention’ for Rob Kardashian
The family wants Rob Kardashian to take care of his health following his diabetes diagnosis.

Word has it that Rob Kardashian hasn’t been doing too well since breaking off his engagement with the mother of his child, Blac Chyna.

The 29-year-old’s family is said to be “very concerned” about his well-being — so much so that they allegedly never leave him alone with his daughter, Dream. A source reveals to People that Kardashian “is not in a state to care for her by himself.”

“He isn’t taking care of himself. He eats junk and doesn’t exercise,” the insider says, adding Kardashian has become “very unhealthy — both physically and emotionally” ever since Chyna, who regularly supervised his diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle, moved out late last year following an explosive fight.

The sock designer was diagnosed with diabetes in December 2015. A year later, amid his fallout with Chyna, he was hospitalized yet again for symptoms related to the chronic condition. As previously reported, Kardashian also suffered from bouts of depression

“He has had a very difficult time since splitting from Chyna,” the source explains. “As much as they fought, Chyna has been the only one to keep him in check.”

“Rob’s family hasn’t been able to get through to him and get him to change,” continues the insider. “Without Chyna in his life, things are not going well for Rob.”

Just this week, Kardashian shared an emotional Instagram post about being a father, writing, “Saying bye to my beautiful baby girl ….. she is smiling at me. U see how she looking at her daddy 😍😍 I literally can’t get enough of this girl,,, I never felt a love or happiness like this ever in my life and she makes me so happy ,,,about to miss her so much 😓💙 Love You baby Dream☁️.”