WATCH: Emily Ratajkowski Models Lingerie in the Streets of New York

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Emily Ratajkowski is such a big fan of her new lingerie that she decided to take it for a walk on the streets of Manhattan.

The 25-year old model puts on a show for her neighbors as she leaves her apartment dressed only in black, lacy separates in this new campaign for DKNY’s Spring/Summer 2017¬†intimates, hosiery and sleepwear collection. Ratajkowski and her dog even cause a car crash once they hit the streets when they distract a taxi driver in motion.

“Good morning, New York,” she says to the camera as she continues making her way around the block.

Watch the video from DKNY at the top of the page.

Ratajkowski was photographed filming the video in January before the campaign was announced, which caused the public to ask questions about her wardrobe decision on such a cold day.


“I was modeling for an upcoming campaign when I was walking a dog in [lingerie],” she clarified on Twitter.