The Best Surprise Selena Gomez Has Ever Received Involves a Romantic Dinner Date

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So this is how you win Selena Gomez‘s heart!

The “It Ain’t Me” singer revealed a bunch of facts about her personal life in the latest installment of Vogue’s “73 Questions” video series, including the biggest surprise she’s ever received from anyone. According to 24-year-old, that honor went¬†to the man who left her jaw on the floor by setting up “a romantic dinner on a rooftop.”

While Gomez didn’t specify who was her companion that night, the former Disney Channel star, who admitted that her most prized possession was her accessories collection, did say that the best gift she has ever gotten was a “jewelry box.”

Gomez added that she feels “the most beautiful” when she’s with the people she loves.

As for her favorite foods in the world, the songstress confessed to being obsessed with Twizzlers and chocolate cake, but drew the line at eating greens. Clearly, someone has a sweet tooth.

The Weeknd better take note!