Watch How Selena Gomez Reacts When Someone Makes a Joke About Justin Bieber and The Weeknd

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Selena Gomez sure loves those Canucks.

This was pointed out to the “It Ain’t Me” singer, who previously dated Justin Bieber and is currently in a relationship with Toronto native The Weeknd, by her makeup artist, Hung Vanngo. While giving a shout-out to Canada in an Instagram video this week, the beauty guru teased Gomez about her love of men from the Great White North, joking, “You know, Selena loves Canadians!”

“Alright, alright…” Gomez responded, laughing off the joke.

Though the 24-year-old doesn’t like to talk much about her budding romance with The Weeknd, her actions certainly speak louder than words. Last week, Gomez joined her boyfriend back to his hometown, where they were seen dropping over $1,500 on a movie date at a downtown theater before enjoying a breakfast-for-two at the Thompson Diner inside the Thompson Hotel.

The Weeknd, 27, later shared a video of Gomez admiring the jellyfish tank inside Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada.

According to Canada’s etalk, the songstress left Toronto last Thursday but came back for the weeknd the weekend just to see the “Starboy” singer again.

The heart wants what it wants, right?