A Potential Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Collaboration Leads Today’s Star Sightings

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Justin Theroux “definitely” wants to work with Jennifer Aniston again.

The actor-screenwriter, who met the actress on the set of 2012’s Wanderlust, said he’s down to collaborate with Aniston on another project. Just a day before attending the Leftovers premiere on Tuesday (Apr. 4, 2017) with his wife, Theroux expressed interest in penning a new role for the Friends alum — should she decide to return to television.

“If the right thing came around I would definitely [write] it,” Theroux, who scribed Tropic Thunder and Zoolander 2, told Entertainment Tonight. “We toss around ideas occasionally, but it’s got to be something I want to write and something she wants to act in, which is harder than you might think.”

He added, “But yeah, it would be fantastic if we were able to do something together.”

For now, Theroux is more focused on screenplays than acting gigs. “Right now I’m actually going to be focused on writing,” he said. “So I have a few things that I’ve actually already written that I’m tweaking and retooling and another thing I want to write.”