Paris Jackson Worries Brother Blanket Is Living Without a Michael Jackson-Approved Guardian

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Paris Jackson is concerned that her little brother Blanket is essentially living alone, without the guardian Michael Jackson wanted in the event he died.

Family sources tell TMZ that Paris is especially upset with her aunt Rebbie, who she believe has been lording over her grandmother, keeping her away from Michael’s children.

TMZ reports:

Paris has complained Blanket is a 15-year-old boy essentially living by himself in Katherine’s Calabasas home. Katherine has not been back to her home since January — she was in London for 2 months and then returned to L.A. but she’s staying at Rebbie’s — and Paris feels her little brother is living without real family.

We’re told TJ Jackson and his wife split duties and at least one of them will stay at Katherine’s home to supervise Blanket, but Paris thinks that’s not good enough.

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