Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Are Expecting Their First Child

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The Hills are alive with the news of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt‘s baby news.

Pratt and Montag announced that they are expecting in the latest issue of Us Weekly. Pratt told the magazine that Montag surprised him one morning when she was “just standing there” as he rolled out of bed.

“The look on her face, I can’t even describe it,” said Pratt. “She was literally glowing. I thought she was about to say she made muffins or banana bread.”

Montag told him that she’s pregnant, which Pratt deemed as “way more exciting than banana bread.”

According to Us Weekly, Montag is 12 weeks along and is due on Oct. 19. They do not know the sex of the baby yet and still haven’t decided if they want to find out before it arrives. Still, Montag is hoping for a boy. “I’d love to have a son and for the Pratt name to continue,” she told the magazine.

Montag said she wanted to have a baby three years ago, but her and Pratt’s work obligations got in the way of starting a family. “I’m actually really thankful we waited. I thought I was ready in my twenties, but with everything we had going on, it just wouldn’t have been a good situation for us,” she said.

“I have never been more excited,” Montag continued. “The reality is sinking in that we are going to have a child! I’ve read every pregnancy book, and now I realize I don’t know anything.”

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