WATCH: JWoww Wakes Up to a Butt in Her Face in New Reality Show

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“Partying in bed” has taken on a whole new meaning for Jenni “JWoww” Farley and her husband Roger Matthews since her time on Jersey Shore.

In a sneak peak of their new reality series with Awestruck, Jenni & Roger: Domesticated, the couple shows that their time in the sack together is now spent dealing with their children, Greyson and Meilani.

“When I was on Jersey Shore, I used to wake up at 2 p.m.” says JWoww. “It’s a little earlier now, a lot earlier now. When I’m waking up right now, all I see is Meilani’s butt in my face. And I’m like, ‘Oh great, the bed smells like pee again.'”

Roger adds, “Every morning I think the same thing: ‘If the kids weren’t here, would I get laid?'”

Watch the cute clip at the top of the page. Jenni & Roger: Domesticated premieres today at 3 p.m. EST on Awestruck.