Jenelle Evans Got Paid $90K to Star in This Commercial

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Jenelle Evans is now a professional actress.

The MTV star reportedly got paid a whopping $90,000 to star in a commercial with husband David Eason. Though the 25-year-old year old previously appeared in front of the camera for her reality show, the new gig required the mother-of-three to demonstrate her acting chops by pretending to give birth. (So, maybe think of it as method acting?)

Teen Mom Talk Now reports:

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason are the new faces behind the product “Laboraide.” Laboraide claims to be “clinically proven to reduce risk of emergency C-section or vacuum delivery during childbirth.”

The product is also said to help prevent the baby from becoming stuck in the birth canal. In the video, we watch as Jenelle and David make their way to the delivery room; David walks at Jenelle’s side while she is in labor.

Watch the ad over at Teen Mom Talk Now…