Caitlyn Jenner on Kris Jenner’s Reaction to Her Memoir Leads Today’s Star Sightings

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Caitlyn Jenner failed to tell Kris Jenner some of the shocking details she revealed about their family in new memoir, The Secrets of My Life.

The 67-year-old Olympic medalist, who was spotted on Wednesday (apr. 26, 2017) promoting her new tell-all about her transition from man to woman, admitted to leaving out parts of the book when she gave her ex-wife an advance copy to read. According to Caitlyn, she omitted a few passages because she didn’t to cause more drama between them.

“I gave Kris an advance copy of the book, like a month and a half ago. There was only one but the last few pages weren’t in there. Because we had a few things we didn’t want to talk about,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “I gave her that one. She read it. Obviously, she had some differences of opinion but that’s okay.”

Caitlyn added — as far as she knows — Kim Kardashian is the only other family member to have read the manuscript. “Kim did read it. I gave it to her after Kris was done with it, but I never really had a chance to really discuss it with her after the fact. I don’t know if she got all the way through it,” she shared.

According to reports, the Kardashian clan has been less than thrilled with the idea of Jenner divulging secrets about their home life, including Caitlyn’s past sex life with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch.

“My attitude is no different than it was in high school: I’m just not entirely comfortable with it,” she wrote in the book about intercourse. “Since — let’s not kid ourselves — everyone wants to know, Kris and I have good and frequent sex at the beginning.”

“I don’t have the appetite for [sex], which is why the public’s obsession over whether I would [get gender confirmation surgery] is annoying to me,” the I Am Cait star, who underwent sex reassignment surgery in January, explained. “It hearkens back to this misperception that people transition because of their sexual desires.”