Breaking Hair News: Jennifer Lawrence’s Locks Don’t Look Like This Anymore

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Jennifer Lawrence has a chic new haircut that you’re going to want to copy immediately.

The Passengers actress was spotted with thick front bangs as she arrived on the set of her upcoming movie, Red Sparrow. The production was filming at Heathrow Airport in London on Wednesday (May 3, 2017). In addition to sporting a new look on her locks, Lawrence wore a black turtleneck with black jeans under a camel coat.

Lawrence will portray Dominika Egorova in Red Sparrow. Her character is a Russian spy who falls in love with a CIA officer and considers becoming a double agent.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film’s director says that the action thriller will be heavy on the sex scenes and will have a “hard R rating” as a result.

“When I read the book and I made the pitch to the studio about what the approach would be, this was a definite R,” Francis Lawrence said at a special Fox event in London on Friday (May 5). “Nobody’s chickened out or got cold feet, everybody’s gone for it from the beginning. It’s a hard R.”

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