WATCH: Lil Wayne’s Bodyguards Beat Up Fan Who Crashes His Concert

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CREDIT: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

One Lil Wayne fan got the beatdown of his life when he crashed the rapper’s recent show in Miami.

During Lil Wayne’s performance at the Rolling Loud Music Festival this weekend, a man decided to run pass Wheezy during his show — only to be caught by his security team. In a video shot by a concertgoer, the fan was tackled to the ground before getting kicked by a burly bodyguard. Via Hip Hop My Way:

The fan got stomped out pretty good, and it looked like some of them were even throwing punches. The most impressive thing? It took only two seconds for the fan to be caught and dragged off stage, out of sight.

They’ve probably been trained to prevent fans from having any time in the spotlight when this happens; they executed to perfection.

Watch a video of the incident over at Hip Hop My Way…